How To Christmas-ify Your Business Plan

Christmas is a great time to revitalise and rejuvenate your business plan to make it more themed and appropriate for the festive season. As Christmas approaches here are a few tips on how best to incorporate the holiday into your business plan!
1) Christmas Giveaway: Have a Christmas contest! Boost your monthly engagements by hosting a Xmas giveaway on your online channels or mailer etc! Make sure the prize is very festive eg a Christmas hamper. This is a great way to get people involved and talking about your business, especially if you set certain requirements to enter such as a follow, like or share. Make it even more festive by setting entry requirements such as posting a pic of their Xmas tree or decorations! You could even participate in the 12 days of Christmas and giveaway a prize on each day!
2) Festive Displays: Redecorate your store to make it more inviting for the holiday season with garlands, lights, tree etc. Or if you have an ecommerce shop front, redesign your UI and branding to incorporate more festive elements such as a Christmas banner or changing up the colour scheme! 
3) Boxing Day Deals: Capitalise on the Boxing Day sale trend by offering you customers some deals and discounts for after Christmas. This is the time where most of the public are willing to spend to get those deals, so be sure to be prepared with cut prices and discounts!
4) Merry up your social media: Create Christmas edited versions of your profile picture, header and even description to show your followers that you’ve got the festive spirit! One of the easiest changes you can make for you social media is editing your handle to include a Christmas pun with your name! Get all your co-workers to do the same to ensure you are all keeping the theme consistent and creating a unified brand message.
5) Send Christmas Cards: If you are a business that has an active PR department, make sure to send out a bunch of Christmas cards to important clients or contacts to with them a merry Christmas. Or even boost morale in the office by giving everyone a Christmas card, not only is this a lovely gesture, but cards on the desks can help as festive office decorations!
6) Create a Christmas campaign: You don’t have to leave the holiday advertising to the likes of John Lewis! Get involved with some of your own Christmas advertising and aim to create a seasonal campaign for your business for Christmas! This may be tricky if your business doesn’t have a particularly large budget, but a largescale Christmas advertising campaign, ranging from print to digital to TV, can be so beneficial in getting your business out in the open and targeted to the correct people. Even on a tighter budget, you can create digital graphics and online ads with a festive twist to help promote your business, or even just an email campaign!