The New Blu Digital Website

Blu Digital have launched their new website –  a new look, providing a more enhanced and unique experience. 

Founded by Jack Johnson, with operations led by Sarah Balch, Blu Digital strives to provide the best service and work to a high standard of service for both our clients and candidates. Having a website that represents those visions and beliefs is very important. 

In order to give our clients the best possible service, we have introduced two services: Contingency and Outsourced In-House. Each one of these services has their own benefits our team is happy to implement and assist with. Our new website also helps our clients as they can now register a vacancy, should they have a position that needs filling. 

We recruit people right from entry level up to senior management filing individual roles as they emerge due to team expansion or employee departures. Our talent partners work with your business and embed themselves into your company to source great talent at scale, and for various projects.

Jack Johnson expressed his excitement for the new website ahead of the launch: “ A key reason we decided to freshen up our new website, was to provide a better overall experience for candidates whilst providing insight and education into the world of digital recruitment. Visitors to the new website will find it much different from the previous one, with new additions in pages.

We are very excited and what has been a challenging year for most, ecommerce is a sector of growth and we are at the forefront of spearheading companies digital hiring and strategy requirements both UK and globally.”

Candidates will find a range of resources and insights to help them further their careers in digital; including the latest news in digital recruitment as well as insights helping interview preparation and increasing interview success. As recruitment agencies and the world of work looks to adapt to changes in the workforce and the world, it is important that we provide candidates with the material they need to ensure success in their job search. 

One of the exciting inclusions to the new website is the media section. In the Blu Digital media section, visitors can explore the range of resources available to candidates. These include downloadable candidate resources helping their job hunt, The Blu Digital Chat podcast discussing the latest insights in digital recruitment and the market in general. Videos are also featured covering Jack Johnson’s webinars as well as much more downloadable content! 

Candidates will now be able to sign up and create their own profile. As well as uploading their CV’s to be considered for relevant opportunities, candidates now have the ability to manage their own account. Candidates will be able to login into their profile and store relevant information. This feature gives an element of control over their job search as they can manually update their details and save jobs to apply for later. On the flip-side, clients can register vacancies they would like to fill, on the website. 

Our new-look website aims to give candidates and visitors in general a unique experience, providing the insights and resources to enhance the candidate experience, whilst helping job-seekers prepare in their journeys towards new opportunities.