USA Inbound

Parcll operate a sophisticated inbound solution into the USA from anywhere in the world.

We customs clear eCommerce at several US Hubs, such as Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

After clearance, we hand over parcel volumes directly to last mile carriers such as the USPS, FedEx, UPS and many more.

Customs Clearance

With Parcll, you benefit from a duty-free threshold of USD 800 per package imported under section 321 into the United States.

We are making use of the latest addition to customs entry types under section 321, called Type 86. Type 86 allows us to electronically pre-clear your packages in the air with marginal customs inspection rates.

After airport pick up, we can thus immediately turn over your packages to US last mile carriers for local distribution.

USA Distribution

With Parcll you can choose between different service levels depending on your needs: We offer USPS first class and priority mail deliveries as an express service, if you need it fast. We also offer economic ground delivery across the United States, that reach most consumers in 3-4 days and further zones within 5-6 days.

Carriers can be the USPS, FedEx, UPS or many more, as per your requirement. And of course, full tracking to door is included via our tracking interface.

Volume Discounts

Since Parcll belongs to a network that injects far over a Million packages into the United States per week, we hold very large volume discounts with all major carriers which we pass on to our customers.

Our strategically located hubs are built to achieve economies of scale during airport pick up, clearance and injection to last mile carriers. This, again, is to the full benefit of our customers.

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